LeBron choosing to wear the #23 again seems to be a big thing on social media.  It’s all I’m seeing on my Facebook news feed and on Twitter.

Jay-Z has got to be the #1 hustler in hip-hop.  Just read that he cut a deal to bring his & Beyonce’s On The Run tour to HBO.  I wonder how much the deal was for.

According to Bloomberg News, LeBron James' return to Cleveland will help generate close to $500 million for the city.  I hope he gets a percentage of that. 

Everybody from Spike Lee to Jay-Z to Carmelo Anthony to former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is show’n Derek Jeter some love in Jordan Brand’s new ad.

Wow!!!! Jennifer Hudson is fuck’n beautiful.


I always had this feel’n that MILEY CYRUS was get’n tap’d by a Black guy.  Check out the full story —->  http://goo.gl/NUKgkv